Growing Up In Trengganu

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Bloomsday On Trengganu Shore

YES TRENGGANU I SUPPOSE IS A LONG WAY FROM NOW as was in the distant past quite a while ago in the shimmering time in the hottest day in the morning of fish enmeshed in nets pulled ashore by men darkened by tanning sun doing their business of tugging on their piscatorial past present and now then came grumbly old scold Mak Som doing her rounds to sell nasi dagang en papillotte for men quenching thirst in her soul greatest miser ever no cash no food for ye now and mamak pulling tea by yard length to milky brown consistency in tumblers for fisherfolk lips gullets and all sweetness sluicing down past nasi dagang half chewed post half cradled in sweaty leathery palms of men returning to atavistic shore but I suppose even the goats now chewing the papillotte are luckier for not having to listen to the mewling tales of Mak Som telling too much about Pak Mat here and Pak Mat there swinging his measure in idleness and ennui while fisherfolk sick to the bones of work and debts to pay and debts to pay then she held her hands aloft and intoned:

--Enjut enjut semut

Halted he looked into the snotgreen sea of turmoil and laughing with delight because hed not heard songs like that since the mating song of the lesser rorqual tell me Mak Som he said quietly.

--Yes my love tis Bloomsday now.

June 16, 2004